Society is built on several premises;
Protection of the weak, justice for all who take part, equality for its members…the list goes on.

I state outright that society is an impossible creation.

To provide protection, on must define protection:
Protection: To be removed from external trauma, so that the effects of said trauma are unfelt by the subjects.

Then, to define Trauma:
Trauma: An external force of varying nature that has a malicious or malformative affect on the recipient.

Therefore, to provide protection on a ubiquitous level as society aims to do, there must be NO trauma.
For this to function, each individual must either strictly obey a preset list of conditions in regards to socializing (as was more a custom in the aristocracy of 1700s-1800s britain), OR be able to individually identify each kind of trauma on a person-person basis.
The latter is, without some kind of flawless telepathy, impossible.

Justice, equally so, cannot be attained.
Defined as:
Justice: Fair treatment and outcomes for a scenario based on the subject’s concepts of morality, fairness and political correctness.

Each individual believes different things.
The amoral and the morally driven.
The religious and the non-religious.
The politically informed and driven and the individualist.

For ‘Justice’ to be attained, we must have a set, ironclad definition of Justice (which would require a unanimous decision of all members of the population to be self-evident, and would equally need preset, defined criteria for use in the court system to ensure that all court-mandated decisions were infact, Just.)

Due to the loose tolerances inherent in social freedoms such as religion, cultural heritage and political persuasion, there will never be justice for all (or even most).

Equality is attainable.
Equality: To convey the same resources/policies/rights on all, regardless of predefined characteristics.
Giving every person access to the same services and resources is completely achievable.
Alas, equality isn’t ‘Justice‘.

Some are born without abilities that others take for granted. Senses, intelligences, social functions etc.
It would be unfair to give these less-abled people the same as everyone else, and so Equity takes the place of Equality.
Equity: An attempt to provide to those who need, based on personal need, in order to achieve a comparatively equal outcome for all parties.

By definition, Equity represents inequality, and inequality is in itself, an injustice.

Society as we know it, is far from perfect, far from complete.

But more concisely, it never can be, and never will be.

So, why do we continue to operate within such a system.
A system that runs on faults, and is driven by disparity?

Human. Error.


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