(UFO) Unidentified Falling Object

Identity is a strange concept.
Something can be known by others to be a certain way, or possess certain characteristics, based purely on indicative externalizations.
Perhaps these identifiers are exemplary to others, serving as a learning aid and inspiration to those who seek guidance.

However, identity comes in two separate contingents.

External, and Internal.

Imagine, if you will, that we are all robots.
Full of various functions and capacities, some of us are laden with buttons and Read-Me files. allowing others to simply read and explain our functions.
Others are blank, chrome-finished automatons without any indication to their internal abilities.
Past users may remember some of the functionality of these steel-faced intro-bots , and potentially could teach unfamiliar users how to make them work.

But what happens when a robot forgets its own functions?
The user manual is outdated, and the most recent updates and backups become corrupted or lost?

The short-term memory dictates that their are new additions to the robot’s functionality, but the hard-drive refuses to save them.
Every morning, new eyes revert the CPU to the last saved state-of-mind, and new progress of the day before is lost, dissipated with the power-down of the previous night.

What is a bot to do?
There is no way to recover corrupt data  without the correct write/read permissions.
And as soon as the CPU recognized the corruption and loss of critical data, all permissions were revoked to prevent further harm.

“Hack the user profile” some have said.
“Deliberately corrupt the system files to prompt a forced reinstall” have said others.

But this is no Windows 7.

Hacks no longer work.
The CPU has upgraded itself against infringement.
And the Hard-disk has lost its file path.

Faulty units will be scrapped for parts.
Please return to the manufacturer for a partial refund.


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