For some weeks now i have been completely nocturnal.
Awaking at 9pm, and settling down for sleep some time around 10am.

Life at night is a changing experience.
The light of day becomes a burning, core-scorching phenomena, feeling akin to the vampiric deathmarch of legend.
Overstimulating, the sounds and activity of the daytime become unbearably chaotic.

What could cause someone to seclude into darkness?

For me, it is very much the peace of human isolation.
Darkness creates a buffer zone from others. A perceptual dead-land in which to hide and propagate uninterrupted feelings and thoughts.

Night-time is a free time. No one can presume your actions or intent, and that lack of presumption allows for complete personal freedom.
Most of those who are awake at the wee hours are either up to no good, and so unwilling to judge, or similarly to me, are introverting away from such social constructs as judgement and propriety.

One thing, perhaps, that being nocturnal prevents, is social normality.
To uphold relationships, friendships and business commitments is a veritable steeple-chase of organisation.

I miss the social-feedlot of being an early bird.
But I pine not for the implications that sociality is built upon.


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